Mirca Art Group Traveling show " Mirca Tour for the Human Rights", Malta, 2011

MTHR is a traveling art exhibition created by an International coalition of artists in support of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. We are artists without borders who see Human rights as a Universal Right for all Human Beings.

Martin Bonnici , Mirca Art Council from Melbourne, has arranged a show at Malta University. The Mirca Tour for Human Rights (MTHR) will be exhibited - a tour that we have started in Sweden in Nov. 2009. 70 artists from around the world have donated their paintings for the good purpose of the show. The opening in Malta will be on July 26th. Runtime of the show is until August 16th. After that this traveling show will probably be sent to Malta house in Brussels, the Parliament of the EU und then down to Australia. 

MTHR travelling Exhibition, 26th July- 12th Aug, Malta, opening speech by former Judge, Giovanni Bonello from the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg 

A collection of judgments involving Judge Giovanni Bonello at the European Court of Human Rights