Room Number 5- Circle of Arts Show at Skylightgallerynyc from 6 Aug - 15 Sept 2012, New York, USA

Aqua N1: 150 x 302 cm

100 x 70 cm

"Room Number 5" 
Artists: Stefan Tunedal, Martin Bonnici, Bruce Rimell,  HEGO, Carla Goldberg, Krisztina Asztalos, Luis Maeso Madronero, Manfred Holtkamp, Katarina Tunedal, Carol Flaitz in the Main Galleries 
With Pablo D'Antonio in the Kitchen Gallery
Aug. 6-sept 15

538 W. 29th st., 10001
mon.-fri. 10-4, variable
SUMMER HOURS closed on Saturdays in August but open during the week 10am-4pm. Please ring buzzer