New Urban Artworks- NO CODE II., 2013

Info about URBAN series

Urban series are depicting the multicolor vibration of metropolises with humour and a bit of sarcasm, personal responds for happenings of urban society.

The latest urban series depicting New York and local themes connected to Hungarian and European culture, like famous inventions and musicians, composers of Hungary, exploring the famous Hungarian genes....
„ New York …a metropolis noisy, lively, extremely rushy.The experience of the rhythm of this city was a great inspiration for me in creating  from 2009 urban series „ New York”…

In this new artwork NO CODE II.: there is an extra hint about the huge control by mass media as intense urban pollution, electrical, chemical pollution etc... the limit of pollution in city is a never ending story.

My previous Urban series was created  about Paris and Hungarian suburbs while  I lived  8 month in Paris 1996-97…Why I like urban theme is for a special discovery in colors and  shapes and techniques,  as an artistic challenge dealing with: „the order in chaos- and chaos in order.”

Just a short note about previous urban theme  „Urban jungle, Paris and suburb” Urban jungle of metropolis itself is such an exciting theme: Skyscrapers, urban radiation and city rush with neon lights, the monochrome tones of city has a special characteristic for me I considered worth depicting on canvas . In Paris I painted two series: Eiffel and Notre Dame using the rythm of black and white  and also vibration of colors: it was for me the voice of city and truely was sensational and exciting topic.
I especially do love and felt inspired by Piet Mondrian’s  abstract series „broadway boogie woogie” as a start for my Urban series.

Urban paintings -  depicting urban life with figurative elements.
For keeping fresh and innovative all my artworks and my artistic style main concept is: „Drop your concepts!”

The whole collection of urban series was exhibited in Witten, Germany in 2013.