SAVE THE WORLD- A Global Village Creartists Project 2014 - Denmark, Copenhagen organized by Victor Vidal

 “100 ways to save the world”- 100 artists with 100 posters organized by Victor Vidal, Copenhagen Denmark.

Contribution of Krisztina Asztalos is  # 86. Reuse

Inspired by:

In October 22nd - 24th 2014, the Sustainability Congress GLOBAL CHALLENGES: Achieving Sustainability will be held in Copenhagen.

The Sustainability Science Congress puts global focus on research related to global sustainability issues, including climate change. The congress is a follow-up from the inaugural climate congress held in 2009 in conjunction with COP-15 in Copenhagen.

The congress aims to achieve a strong turnout of participants, appeal to the scientific community, and to spark a broader conversation about sustainability. The congress is expected to attract 800 participants with representatives from academia, private enterprise, policy makers and media.
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