Open call by Classic Gallery "Reflection of feminine power on art" on-line exhibition - Nepal, 2021


I am happy to submit 2 artworks to Classic Gallery, based in Nepal.

Thank you for the invitation! Dongol Sarita, Classic Gallery, Nepal.

for an International online exhibition 2021 "Reflection of feminine power on art" on March 8, International Women's day 2021.


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My artworks are not for sale.

Two paintings by Krisztina Asztalos, Hungary,

1) Queen of Hearts


50x70 cm

acrylic on canvas


Concept of work:

Queen of Hearts is an ironic, sarcastic, cynical piece, depicts the profane and saint,

depicts female energy pushed on the floor in contemporary society.

The Queen of Hearts by a is a parody of the original character.


2)"Black Madonna"


50x70 cm

acrylic and  glow in the dark  acrylic on canvas,


Concept of work:

Black Madonna is the self-portrait of Mothers/Women/ Mother Earth.

Black Madonna is not about the color of ONE human race.

Black Madonna wears the colors of society as a symbol of patriarchal rules forced on her.

Black Madonna is the symbol of a serious global issue.

Black Madonna wears the color of grieve,  as we all mourn over the lost souls by COVID-19.

This painting is dedicated to those victims who lost their lives, during COVID-19, the innocents who were not aware of what happened to them or even were aware of the virus their choices to survive due to their chronic illnesses

and weakening body conditions - age, poverty, sicknesses - immune problems, diabetes, heart failure, lung problems, cancer, nerve damage..etc)

was zero.