Masters of Art IV. Juan Miró

Joan Miró

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Joan Miró i Ferrà (April 20, 1893 – December 25, 1983; Catalan pronunciation: [ʒuˈan miˈɾo]) was a Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona.
Earning international acclaim, his work has been interpreted as Surrealism, a sandbox for the subconscious mind, a re-creation of the childlike, and a manifestation of Catalan pride. In numerous interviews dating from the 1930s onwards, Miró expressed contempt for conventional painting methods as a way of supporting bourgeois society, and famously declared an "assassination of painting" in favour of upsetting the visual elements of established painting.[1]

Joan Miró, Blue I. 1962 
Joan Miró, Bathing Woman. 1925

Joan Miró, Abstract composition. 1975

Joan Miró, Nocturne.1940

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