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50 contemporary artworks (paintings, sculptures and photographies) of artists from all over the world is shown in the exhibition by participating artists of Mirca Art Group International Show in Witten , Germany/2011

 3 Artworks of Krisztina Asztalos of Aqua series. Press of show Witten, Germany Time: Friday, 04 February 2011 19:00 Venue is Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Maeso Madronero & Dr. Udo Theis, Marienplatz 2, 58452 Witten, Germany.The show is in favour of Kinderhospiz Initiative Witten e.V. - an organization that gives terminal care to children.  At the opening show on Friday at 19.00 (7 p.m.) bodypainting artist, Maria Pitseleh, who was invited to participate in the World Bodypainting Festival 2010 in Austria, did a special performance ('industrial culture' bodypainting). By u s ing UV-lights the 'night light' version of visionary artist Bruce Rimell's outstanding painting 'Gaia' will be made visible to the guests of the show. Extraordinary wooden sculptures, created by German artist Manfred Holtkamp  is also exhibited. In total, 50 contemporary artworks (paintings, sculptures and photographies) o

Planet Earth Planet Art Book by Mirca Art Group - 95 International Artist - 2011

Krisztina Asztalos participated in Planet Earth Planet Art Book by Mirca Art Group published in 2011 with a large artwork of Aqua series 150 x 302 cm ink on paper, that was also exhibited in New York, USA in Skylight galleryNYC in 2012. Right now the painting is in NewYork, USA. Info about the Book: Ninety-five artists present their artwork as a voice raised to bring awareness of the urgent problems of the imbalanced lifestyles and unsustainable environmental consumption we humans face, accompanied by a personal statement which brings the clarity of the artist to these problems. These artists come from such nations as the UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, China, Brazil, Greece, Libya, India, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden (and many others), and thus this book is truly a global voice, with contributions from East and West, from the developed and developing worlds. Delightfully pres