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🌿🌿Iconic European Stage Actor Alexander Moissi 's grandchildren visited Albania 🌿🌿

  🌿🌿Visit my Instagram Stories for inspirational Artist series, Philosophy, Design, Museums, Architecture, Books, Music, Films 2022 🌿🌿 My stories with no particular order are brilliant and inspirational, quality contents can be found on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIN by brilliant minds: 🌿🌿Seeds of CULTURE 🌿🌿 Gems of Contemporary Art, Philosophy, Culture is now on Instagram🌿🌿 Feel free to follow🌿🌿 🙏🙏 Spiritual Heritage of the European iconic stage actor's home Alexander Moissi (Trieste 1879 - Lugano 1935) in Durrës, Albania visited by his grandchildren  Nicolas Berggruen  and Olivier Berggruen on 28/08/2022 Olivier Berggruen (@olivierberggruen) Alexander Moissi in 1906 photo by Olivier Berggruen #AleksanderMoisiu #Durres #topchannelnews  Olivier Berggruen and Nicolas Berggruen interviewed about the spiritual heritage of their grandfather 🌿🌿Iconic European Stage Actor🌿🌿Alexander Moissi  About Alexander Moissi Iconic Europea