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🌸🌸🌞 🌞 Urban artwork by 2021 - No code IX.- X. (AI) πŸ’™ πŸ’™ 🌸🌸

     Dear Friends! Painting is meditation. When your heart is calm, you can achieve all the wisdom and light in a second. Connect your light field, stay centered, in your heart center. Rest and breathe love in and out gently. The center of my heart is my studio. Urban paintings were inspired by recent studies and own experiences about the undiscovered links between the human mind and quantum physics, ungrasped consciousness and illusions, coincidences, and synchronicities.   Urban series are depicting the multicolor vibration of metropolises with humor and a bit of sarcasm, personal responses for happenings of urban society, local themes connected to Hungarian, European, American culture, Budapest, Paris, New York. New artworks are about the huge control by mass media, the intense urban-, global-, electrical-, chemical pollution, and also reflecting the new and fashionable trends in urban society. (AI) artificial intelligence designed to save lives and help humans is a really inspiring