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GLOBAL VILLAGE VISUAL POETRY/ DENMARK organized by Victor Vidal, Copenhagen, Denmark

"What is a Visual Poem? Many people are asking this question. I cannot not give a short and sure definition. For me a visual poem is an image composed or designed to be consciously seen. The modern visual poem is generally composed with disassembled materials: words, texts, symbols, numbers, photos, collages, drawings, and the modern technologies give many possibilities of design. Creativity is an essential element in designing visual poems. A simple drawing, a poetic photo, a collage, a play with words can become visual poems, the essential element is the poetic element."   So far 23 different countries represented: The accepted works are from the following countries: France, Romania, Brazil, Japan, Libya, USA, Algeria, Malaysia, Denmark, Palestine, Portugal, Spain, Syria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Peru, Argentina, Sweden, Chile, and Canada,