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Update - Catalog of ATOMIC PEACE 2020 and Freedom and Peace 2019 arrived πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ 2019/2020 5-6th Geoje International Art Festival, South- Korea

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ"ATOMIC PEACE"  6th Geoje International Art Festival - ATOMIC PEACE - Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Geoje, South-Korea, 2020 has finished. "The exhibition at the 6th International Art Festival, where 136 artists from 28 countries participated, is now over. However, we would like to express our gratitude to the participating artists and wish to remember them for a long time. I made an online exhibition video with little sincerity for those who are difficult to see during a very difficult time due to Covid19 and for the writers who cannot come. I hope that the names of each and every thankful writer will be remembered for a long time." ν•΄κΈˆκ°•ν…Œλ§ˆλ°•λ¬Όκ΄€ Cheon EOB YU and Michael Lam and South- Korea I received in a box two catalogs and a certificate. Catalog of ATOMIC PEACE 2020 and Freedom and Peace 2019. I am grateful to receive these wonderful printed gifts by Haegeumgang Theme Museum,  ν•΄κΈˆκ°•ν…Œλ§ˆλ°•λ¬Όκ΄€ Thank you πŸ’œ More info:

Urban series by, " NO CODE VII.", 29/11/2017

  Urban artwork " NO CODE VII.", 29/11/2017 This is my favorite painting, I love to create, when it was finished I planned to make a giant mural painting made of grass,  a living grass on the wall. Dreams of an artist never came true. But stored with sharp lines in my memory. Urban series are depicting the multicolor vibration of metropolises with humor, and a bit of sarcasm, personal responses for happenings of urban society, local themes connected to Hungarian, European, American culture, Budapest, Paris, New York. New artworks are about the huge control by mass media as intense urban, global,  electrical, chemical pollution, and also reflecting the new and fashionable trends in urban society. "NO CODE", (Urban series) diptych is inspired by my artist statement as well: "My paintings depicting nature: that surrounds us, the micro- and microcosmos and human nature that is like immense space. Human is like space, forever changing energy fields: atoms as our bl

Lights at Night I. artwork by, 2001

Artwork by Krisztina Asztalos, watercolor on paper, mounted on canvas Lights at night I, 50 cm x 70 cm,  31/05/2001 More info about the artwork: This artwork was inspired by Depeche Mode, Waiting for the Night. One of my favorite songs.  

I am a Proud Hungarian - Urban series by - HU - since 1995

Dear Friends! All knowledge starts with your Roots. I received a perfect education in my country. I had wonderful teachers who taught me how to think. Everyone should be grateful who was lucky as I  to receive proper education in their countries, have enough to eat, playground to play, parents to raise up. Not every child is so lucky as I was. So place your hands to your heart and say I am a proud citizen of... and say your country. If you immigrated to have these say proudly your birth town and your second home name. Be positive and grateful. Every day you wake up thinking about the blessings you received from your roots. Some few links about the URBAN series: I nfo about URBAN series Urban series are depicting the multicolor vibration of metropolises with humor and a bit of sarcasm, personal responses for happen

GONG painting by 2003

More details in my book: Instagram:

Large paper paintings by

  Lightfield 150x150 cm, 59x59 inches ink on paper 2003 Krisztina Asztalos More info: 🌺 🌸

JOIN On October 9th 2020, @Imagine Peace Tower will be relit in ReykjavΓ­k, Iceland

Image  "Dear Friends,  On October 9th, 2020, @Imagine Peace Tower will be relit in ReykjavΓ­k, Iceland, in memory of my late husband John Lennon, on the occasion of his 80th birthday.  I hope you will join us in celebrating the relighting of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER at, in Iceland, and around the world.  Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world.  Power works in mysterious ways.  We don’t have to do much.  Visualize the domino effect and just start thinking PEACE.  Thoughts are infectious.  Send it out.  The message will circulate faster than you think. It’s Time for Action. The Action is PEACE.  Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE.  PEACE is POWER! Thank you, thank you, thank you I love you! love, yoko Yoko Ono Lennon 6 October 2020" Info:

New Artworks in progress

Dear Friends! After a long break from a devastating period of my life, I feel lucky to have a life-work,  a job and mission that will never go out of fashion. This work can be practiced not just until 40 as the fashionable manager or designer jobs 16 hours daily, but this work creates something unique no machines can copy. Hand made and this human job brings me back to Earth,  connects back to The real me. I am a mother and an artist. Destiny or karma or whatever doesn't offer choices. Each person has a path. One may take a break due to family or other issues, as sickness of my child or other reasons, one shall return to oneself and continue the life-work as soon as possible. The illusion of choices are sparkling but are illusions. My time is up to work. I had a brilliant period of my life until Paris.  The two weeks of quarantine, the sickness of my son was like the ice shower.  I had to recover and made tough decisions in my personal life. The fact is this period is a "light

Thank you Agimat Project, The Philippines and most of all Richard Bruxani, Artist and HHG Museum, South-Korea, 2020

Thank you Agimat Project, The Philippines, and most of all Richard Bruxani, Artist  and HHG Museum, 2020 πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡ I am honored to be promoted as a Hungarian fine artist by the Philippines Agimat project. "The Agimat Project The Philippines takes pride in its  enormously talented  and artistic people. Artists in the Philippines are everywhere; they also excel in their fields of existence but only a few are known to the general public. Some are marketed by big studios and media networks and there are also independent artists who despite being new to the scene possess great talent and potential. Mainstream or independent, these artists lack the support that would showcase their talent and works to the broad general public here and abroad through the new media – the internet. Even the well known Filipino talents have limited information both on the internet and printed publications, one needs to search intensely to find the information that you need. Overwhelmed by the talents that surro