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Japan Art Auction Fund by Monkdogz Urban Art, 2011, New York, USA

Auction!!! The Art Fund has been set up by Monkdogz Urban Art Inc. a New York contemporary art dealership, for the purpose of raising funds for deserving causes. Our current project is to support the people of Japan following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear powerplant disasters earlier this year. Sponsors: Gallery & Studio Magazine Participating Artists: Habib Aghamohammadi, Keizaburo Aoh, James Armstrong, Krisztina Asztalos, Sébastien Aurillon, Esther Barend, Anne-Marie Beauchamp, April Bending, Neco Beth, Kasia Blekiewicz, Zbyszek Blekiewicz, Vladislav Bubnov, Ruth Butler, Jean Marc Calvet, Batís Campillo, Nika Chanturia, Jim Charette, Miss Chloé & Mr Sébastien, Anne Juul Christophersen, Vaun Cornell, Helle Rask Crawford, Roger Cummiskey, Dulcie Dee, Joyce DiBona, Massimo Di Cave, Dennis Douris, Hiroshi Endo, Bjorn Eriksen, Stacie Flint, Claudia Furlani, Diane Galpin, Mo Godbeer, Kim Gordon, Wanda Guen

HU / New Artworks- Inventions made in Hungary

Image HU / New Artworks- Inventions made in Hungary HU series is about Hungary & culture. In respect of several  Hungarian creative genious talents in art, science, music..etc. Here we have the following inventions:) with no particular order: Vitamin C, safety match, Tungsten( Tunsgram) Filament(bulb with wolfram), IAS computer- the first computer, Hungarian Rubik's cube....