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GLOBAL VILLAGE FLAG FOR LOVE & PEACE and the Mail Art Project "TRANSFER in Crete, GREECE, 2016

    The "GLOBAL VILLAGE FLAG FOR LOVE & PEACE " (150 ARTWORKS FROM THE WORLD) and the Mail Art Project "TRANSFER" (with 77 international Mail Artworks )in Crete, Greece   Exhibition opening date: 26.07.2016 - time: 7pm     From the 25th of July till the 3th of August 2016, we invite you to the first festival , "FOLLOW YOUR ART - BE PART" to explore your creative self in the mythical island of Crete. This festival comes from the international project "MINOAN CIVILIZATION MY INSPIRATION" Artists around the world are stepping up and set sail from the island of Crete, the birthplace of the first European Civilization, to raise public awareness about the Humanitarian Crisis in Mediterranean and Europe that creates issues related to Racism and Human Trafficking, one of the world's most shameful crimes. We welcome the unknown and the diversity in Art, Music, Poetry and we s