GLOBAL VILLAGE FLAG FOR LOVE & PEACE and the Mail Art Project "TRANSFER in Crete, GREECE, 2016



The "GLOBAL VILLAGE FLAG FOR LOVE & PEACE " (150 ARTWORKS FROM THE WORLD) and the Mail Art Project "TRANSFER" (with 77 international Mail Artworks )in Crete, Greece


Exhibition opening date: 26.07.2016 - time: 7pm



From the 25th of July till the 3th of August 2016, we invite you to the first festival , "FOLLOW YOUR ART - BE PART" to explore your creative self in the mythical island of Crete.
This festival comes from the international project "MINOAN CIVILIZATION MY INSPIRATION"
Artists around the world are stepping up and set sail from the island of Crete, the birthplace of the first European Civilization, to raise public awareness about the Humanitarian Crisis in Mediterranean and Europe that creates issues related to Racism and Human Trafficking, one of the world's most shameful crimes.

We welcome the unknown and the diversity in Art, Music, Poetry and we show to people with different language, religion and background not to be afraid to interact with those are different from them. Our differences make our world more beautiful and less boring.
The festival will take place inside the historical monument , the VITTURI BASTION, part of the Venetian Fortification Walls of Heraklion. We will host 2 international art projects by Victor Valqui Vidal. The "GLOBAL VILLAGE FLAG FOR LOVE & PEACE " (150 ARTWORKS FROM THE WORLD) and the Mail Art Project "TRANSFER" (with 77 international Mail Artworks )
On the 30th of July 2016, (World Day Against Human Trafficking) our Spoken Words Presentation is dedicated to the thousands of missing refugee children in Europe, victims of Trafficking. We will welcome the Japanese poet, Taro Aizu, in a meeting of concerns & thoughts from East & West.

On the 31st of July, time: 7 pm, inside the Vitturi Bastion, we are pleased to present the musicians from the Cretan village Gergeri.
They will ‘drive us’ into the traditional Cretan musical paths in the depth of time with their songs and their sounds with Askomantoures (a kind of bagpipes), Mandolino, Thioboli and Sfyrosiobolo (Folk Wind Instruments )

with the Talented Teen Musician,

- Also during our festival we will shake the World with Rock , Jazz and Artistic music & Show with Stilt Walkers & Fire Dancers!
(26.07.2016) The Rock band of MANOS KOSTAKIS & his MODERN GUITAR SCHOOL.
(27.07.2016) The duet "DIDAGMA" Ioanna Douzgou: song & keyboard and Evaggelos Drambalos: Saxophone & programming, music arrangements, they will play jazz, funk, swing, bossa & soul music.
(28.07.2016) The Active Flow Performances team with the Acro Yoga & Thai Massage Crete will present Stilt Walkers, acrobatics & Fire Dancers.
(29.07.2016) Artistic music from the misicians Nikos Chronakis & Marios Chronakis

More infos:

2 Contribution of Krisztina Asztalos:

Flag of love, acrylic on textil
30x 30 cm

Transfer, acrylic on postcard
15x10 cm