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2014 New Zeeland, 3 to 30 March, Mail Art for Nirvanavan Foundation India organized by Trina Batchelor, Auckland, New Zealand

New Urban Artworks- NO CODE IV., V., VI. 2013

2014, Denmark, April: final & permanent exhibit of Human Rights Flag in Legal and Prison Museum in Vestervig, Denmark

Thank you Note for My Collectors with images of artworks in private collection 2013- 2014, Witten, Germany

Urban, NO CODE III., 2013

New Urban Artworks- NO CODE II., 2013

INFO and PHOTOS about Solo show of Krisztina Asztalos, fine artist, Witten, Germany

German press releases announcing Krisztina Asztalos's solo show in Witten, Germany.

Solo Exhibition in Witten, Germany, 3 rd May 2013

HR Flag exhibitions in Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, Portugal 2012 - 2013