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Season's Greetings

2014 New Zeeland, 3 to 30 March, Mail Art for Nirvanavan Foundation India organized by Trina Batchelor, Auckland, New Zealand

New Urban Artworks- NO CODE IV., V., VI. 2013

SAVE THE WORLD- A Global Village Creartists Project 2014 - Denmark, Copenhagen organized by Victor Vidal

2014, Denmark, April: final & permanent exhibit of Human Rights Flag in Legal and Prison Museum in Vestervig, Denmark

Thank you Note for My Collectors with images of artworks in private collection 2013- 2014, Witten, Germany

Urban, NO CODE III., 2013

New Urban Artworks- NO CODE II., 2013

INFO and PHOTOS about Solo show of Krisztina Asztalos, fine artist, Witten, Germany