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2013-2014, Witten, Germany, Solo Show," Human& Urban "in Germany for an entire year :)

2 more  artworks are in private collection: Urban series- New York: My collectors, curators, hosts 2 talented German & German-Spanish contemporary artist friends HEGO Göevert and Dr. Jorge-Luis Maeso Madronero now are proud owners, collectors of my artworks painted in 1999 from Urban series. 4 pieces of Human series are now in German Private collection & also 4 small artworks of Urban - New York- series. Info After having the wonderful opportunity to  have successful "Human& Urban" solo exhibition for an entire year in Germany, Witten (vernissage : May  3rd  2013) organized by my two wonderful contemporary artist friends, hosts and curators Dr. Luis Madronero and HEGO Goevert that was closed on 16th July, 2014, we travelled to Witten in beginning of September, (6-7-8 th) mee