" Transfer" Mail Art Exhibition 2016 - Hungary - Greece - 2017 - Denmark

The mail art contribution of Krisztina Asztalos  for exhibiton " Transfer".

Danish Folk Art - Victor Vidal - Global Village Creartists is organizing "Transfer" Mail Art Exhibiton.

Destinations: Hungary- Greece- Denmark

Victor Vidal has been invited me to exhibit a mail art piece at The Hungarian National Museum - Esztergom Castle, Museum Rondella Gallery, in Esztergom, Hungary,
 http://kaleidoszkophaz.hu/index.php/en/rondella with vernissage May 6, 2016.

The theme of the exhibition in Museum Rondella Gallery is Transfer.  

Transfer project is travelling after Hungary  to Greece.This event is set from July 25th untill August 3rd 2016 and the exhibition will be hosted in a beautiful historic space, the Vitturi Bastion.

After Greece  next destination of mail art exhibit is at Art and Sculpture Festival 2017 in the town of Agger, Denmark. This event is set from July to August 2017.

This is a great chance to share our views of the world and with the world through mail art, alongside other global participants!