Posters and press images of 3 venues, exhibits in Korea, 2018

 I am grateful to be the part of the 2018 "Korea International Art Festival"

First Exhibition:
March 28 - April 8, 2018 (9 days)
(Hanam Culture & Arts Center Exhibition Hall)

Second Exhibition:
April 27 - April 29, 2018 (3 days)
(Hanam Union Park)

Third Exhibition:
May 5 - May 7, 2018 (3 days)
(Gwangju Cheongseok Park) and/or 

Organizer: Hagwang news, Newspaper Gwangju

Subjective: Gogyoshi Art Project internationa (GAPI), Peace and Art Society-PAS
Sponsorship: Hanam City, Gyeonggi Province, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Environment.

The full moon

silver and gold acrylic on canvas

60x70 cm


Chosen haiku by Taro Aizo.

The full moon

Looking up

at the full moon,

I imagine you also looking up

at the night sky.

Short statement:

This painting is dedicated to Taro Aizu’s haiku: The Full Moon. In this artwork Japanese cherry bloom, kimono, calligraphycal lines and Fuji Mountain are depicted under the large full moon.