“World Tsunami Awareness Day” Monday November 5, 2018

Grateful to be invited and support as GAPI member the “World Tsunami Awareness Day” Monday November 5, 2018 (https://www.unisdr.org/tsunamiday)


this one-day project on Facebook is an on-line exhibition with an artwork inspired by poetry of Taro Aizu by international artists worldwide.

"...GAPI supports #TsunamiDay by coming up with a concept to make art, a statement etc. on that day, online and worldwide.

World Tsunami Awareness Day is an event which fits Gogyoshi Art Project International (GAPi) like a glove.

Remembering Fukushima in 2011, but also thinking of the latest tsunami in Indonesia, floods in Spain, Portugal, The Mediterranean, The Americas etc., we have to act in a positive way and in the way we know best: artmaking."

With regards, Ed Hanssen, Fred van Welie

World Tsunami Awareness Day, 5th November 2018
"Four seasons in Fukushima/ Spring/Taro Aizu"- Artwork by Krisztina Asztalos watercolor on paper, 30 cm x 21 cm
..." I couldn't endure to see the empty town, I turned away to the bright sea.
As if tsunami
Had been a fabrication -
The calm sea in spring."
Four seasons in Fukushima/ Spring/ Taro Aizu