GLOBAL VILLAGE CREARTISTS -Mail Art project - Bridges for Ponte de Lima, Lethes Art, Portugal, 2018

"We have been invited to show new collective postcards in the following exhibition in Ponte de Lima, Portugal: 01 July - 30 Sept
The theme for the postcards is: BRIDGES (Pontes)
That is a structure that is built over a river, road, or railroad to allow people and vehicles to cross from one side to the other,
or something that makes it easier to make a change from one situation to another."

Call from Victor Vidal organizer and participating artist. 

The following countries are represented: Denmark, Peru, The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, USA, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Uruguay and France. 

The BRIDGE  postcards collection was donated to the MUTE – Museum of Terceiros, so it became  the part of the its permanent collection.

Lethes Art : Município Ponte de Lima
Mail Art – ‘Bridges’ for Ponte de Lima, by Victor Valqui Vidal, @ LETHES ART 2018.
Visit us @ Ponte de Lima! - exhibition open until 30 september.

The worldwide call for mail art, promoted by Victor Valqui Vidal, at Global Village Creartists, motivated artists from fourteen countries (Denmark, Peru, The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, USA, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Uruguay and France) to send their own creations, to the colection of postcards under the theme ‘bridges’, meaning ‘pontes’ in portuguese. The connection of this theme to the village of Ponte de Lima, where the contemporary art exhibition is held, Ponte de Lima, or Bridge of the Lima River, and its bridge, is obvious, as well as with the name of the art project itself, Lethes Art < >.

These 10cmx15cm artworks, drawings or painting, go beyond these historical and geographical discourses. Bridges become discourses of connections, family, friends, humankind, diversity, cultures, dialogues, of the flow of time, or life itself, of survival or identity.

All postacards from the fourteen countries connected are exhibited at the MUTE – Museum of Terceiros, in the Sacristy Vestibule of the Third Order. It is a room that gives access from the cloister to the sacristy, with an altar which was enriched with the retable of St. Louis IX, and a plaque with a former altar frontal depicting the Souls in Purgatory.

Thank you Poet and Visual Artist Victor Vidal, for promoting this call for LETHES ART 2018 @ Global Village Creartists, a group which intents to enhance cooperation and collaboration among creative artists (creartists), and for your participation in this contemporary art exhibition in Ponte de Lima!

Let's Art!
The Curator


The contribution of Krisztina Asztalos:

 Bridges " heartbeat"
105x148 cm
gold and acrylic on paper

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