Beyond pandemic - Art connects people @classicgalleryccas instagram on-line exhibition, Classic Gallery, Nepal, 2020

I am happy to submit another artwork to Classic Gallery, Nepal:
Online exhibition @classicgalleryccas instagram

"International online exhibition 2020

Artist Name: Krisztina Asztalos
Title: Space II.
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size : 42x 29,7 cm
Country: Hungary

Few words about work:

As fine artist staying in my studio and creating artworks especially in this hard times is essential, refreshing my spirit.
"Space, joy and freedom
- forever changing energyfields"

"The global pandemic devastating spreading of the COVID-19,has severely caused lockdown worldwide, where we can’t get out of the houses, during such time , artists have been creating various works, Among these many artists, some may have been bound to create their artworks with limited materials as the materials have been in lockdown at the studios, and the artists at their homes. This has led the artists to create their works with available materials. In this order, Classic gallery is organizing an Online International Arts Exhibition , which highly promotes to exhibit the works done during the quarantine period, as to promote and showcase the artist’s creativity online, as well as a source of exchange within the artists from different nations...

Note-This exhibition is non beneficial art exchange activity during this epidemic situation. EXHIBITION START ON 15 JUNE 2020 in @classicgalleryccas instagram
Org Classic Gallery, Nepal"