Terra (NOVA) - " Gate Nr1" Earth series by dakini.hu 1999 - 2008 🌱🌱 🌎🌎 - ongoing in 2023

TERRA ( NOVA) series

in progress

"Gate Nr 1"

2x113 x 70cm

mixed technique

on canvas


Ancient Tibetan " Earth" and Hebrew  " Oneness " calligraphy

depicted on artwork.


 Sun-stones’ giants



on ponderous measures



ancient faces

wrinkles in depth

of crusty times



Pebbles are like sand, desert, earth = the gate of time to the unknown mysteries.

The gate of the time series was inspired by the desert of Africa in Namibia and the holy walls humans used to pray in front of.

I prayed and my Prayers have heard, the life work continues.

The Terra series ready to expand and will be painted in a giant version.

Grey rock -, rainbow rock-, holy rock walls are essential for humanity 

to survive 

the massive attack of unholy, 

malicious energies: 

the destruction of life 

and the destruction of the earth itself.

Elements are clean, they need no human intervention at all.

Respect Mother Earth as you respect Your Mother.

So Above, as Bellow.

Humans need Earth and Elements because Elements constructed the Human body.

Not the contrary.


I am with EARTH.

I gave my Pledge to Save Earth

I never changed since then.

According to Buddhist philosophy, 5 elements ( energy) build up and create human beings, all living structures, and the whole universe.

5 elements:

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space aka ether /emptiness
unconditional love/ light/ compassion.

Earth= bone&meat

Water= blood&liquids

Fire=temperature&body heat



5 element created the human body

5 element created the universe

The universe lives in us.

Inside outside we are ONE.

The harmony of the 5 elements makes balance in our inside and outside world.

Written: AK, dakini.hu 2006

Stay Tuned! TERRA (NOVA) is on the way.

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Please feel free to read about my Concept of art since 1997

Field of studies and roots of artwork during high school until today:



Concept of art by dakinihu at art college



First form of college:


-work with realistic themes

-nudes, portrays, still-lifes, painting with traditional techniques

-research in abstract painting

-research in ancient techniques /egg, sand, earth colors/, using thick paint

-using spatule, instead of brush

-studying western and  eastern philosophy,  and art

-urban artworks, Paris, suburbs

-4 elements series /water, fire, earth, air/



Second form of college:



-depicting human body,nude and portrays as an energy field

-big sized space-time series, depicting the immensity of cosmic space

-installations in space theory on different themes

-research in ancient cultures /magical tradition of people, folk art/

-research in cosmology, transcendental philosophy  and art

-4 elements series as a concept

-at visual communication faculty research in photo techniques, computer design,  linear and non-linear film cutting,  and making a short art film, photographies of nature, and design as well  logos, and other  printable art work, catalogues, placards..etc.



Third form of college:


-my research in theory of space workshop: mandala

-mandala painting in Tibet, mandala building in different cultures in India

-research in Japanese art, zen  and chinese calligraphy

-creating my own designed mandala installation, made of bamboo and paper

-using transparent paper and all possibility of natural light, painting with ink

-4 elements series




Four form of college:


 -works on paper and mordant, ink

-analysing the possibilities of mordant, ink, and aquarelle techniques

-analysing the usage of different  sized brushes, from very small sized til big sized

- practise the spirit of Japanese calligraphy /freshness and sponteniosity/

- my written diploma work,  at final exams was considered excellent, by professors:

 „The influence of oriental calligraphy to the modern abstract painters and to my work”

-paintings for diploma work: mordant on paper, inspired by calligraphy, but  made by colored   mordant

-designed with Mac logos, placards, early graphic designer comissions



 After graduation until today


-5 elements on focus, 5 th element is space

-paper and mordant  still under research

-depicting nature, micro- and macrosized paintings, from 10 cm, to 3 m

-making linocuts, seriagraphy and other graphic techniques

-using computer filters, photography in research and sketches

-art inspiration by the experience of sitting meditation, Tibetan

-urban artworks: NYC, Budapest, Paris social criticism

-recycled artworks and installation "precious waterdrop" ongoing

-writing poetry 

Fav flower of my Late Grandma, Mother of My MOM, I called in my childhood Tiny Lion Faces.
WE, humans 
Protect Flowers and Wild Life!