6th Geoje International Art Festival, 2020, South- Korea

 I am grateful and happy being the part of  6th Geoje International Art Festival, 2020

Atomic Peace Greeting

"Resonance given by culture art.
To say love without saying you love me. Someone has defined this for literature. If art is the way to read the flow of visual arts based on iconographic analysis, if literature is a poem as a literal language, then a picture is a visual element.
Literature and art are similar in that they add value by finding narratives. Visual language is intuitive and powerful in many cases, but still a few say it is difficult to talk about the language and feel barriers to entry. Also, those who are used to speaking in visual language are not good at everyday language.

If there is anything that can make a loud echo to the meaningful things that exist, it is culture and art. The six-year international exhibition in Korea's southern tip of Geoje was not easy, but it was also the result of the desire to convey the sound of art to more people and to talk better.
I hope that culture and art will continue to meet the goal of moving in a direction where culture is separate and art is not different.
Through the Geoje International Art Festival that will continue in the future, I hope to play a role in creating an extraordinary time and space where daily life is rested.
In preparation for the 6th Geoje International Art Festival,
It aims to be the bridge of the world and the bridge between artists and artists."


HGG Museum, Curators and Directors