International art event “Infinite thoughts", on International Women's Day, 8th March, 2020 at Classic Art Gallery, Nepal

I am happy to be the part of  the international art event “Infinite thoughts” in Nepal, By Classic Art Gallery, on International Women's Day,  8th March, 2020

Thank you for invitation Sarita Dongol, Classic Art Gallery!

Love II.
acrylic on canvas
size of the work:  29 x 41, 5 cm

"Since its establishment, in Lalitpur, Nepal, the Classic Gallery, owned by the artist Sarita Dongol, has been highlighting the International Women's Day on 8th March as it considers it is an auspicious time to empower women artists. Allowing women to be the prime figure, we bring forward their artistic creations. In the past, Classic Gallery has also organized Artist’s Residency Programs for both local and international artists. In 2020, we would like to continue this remarkable legacy. Therefore, we will organize an International Group Exhibition called “Infinite thoughts” dedicated just to women artists. only women will take part in this exhibition and they will have the opportunity to display their original art-works. On the opening day, March, 8, we will invite all the artists, the press, representative of local Government and Foreign consulates and embassies as well art students.
The money from art works sold during the exhibition will be used to support disabled women Artist / underprivileged women artists and children art project in Nepal.
An online catalog will be done with all the Participant artworks.
Also, a certificate of participation will be send by email to all the participants."

Event Coordinator and curator - Sarita Dongol

Writer/Researcher - Deepmala Maharjan

Administration/ Event promotion - Priya Shakya

Designer- Dibya Bajracharya

Documentation /Photography - Sudikshya Dongol