Painting, creating, writting never stops in the mind of artists - "Precious Water Drop" Recyled Water installation in progress



Some friends asked me what I do when I do not paint or create objects, installations, or sculptures or write.

I paint, create, write - but in my mind.

I never stop creating art in my mind. I just concentrate on my daily routine.

I usually create my pieces when I see even the layers and colors mentally.
"I download it from space." and make it as soon as I can.

Important that the artwork stays fresh with a touch of unfinished freshness.

Too many lines and paint kills freshness of artwork, as overthinking kills the spirit, overworked artworks are "dead" and rigid in my humble opinion. 

Life disappears from an overworked artwork, as the butterfly escapes to freedom.

I usually garbaged those artworks or paint the canvas back to white.

So generally I do every day my daily routine:
parenting, cooking, cleaning my home, taking care of people around me,
surfing on the internet to catch up with friends, listening to music, reading, DIY, blogging, having fun...etc.
Art comes from living life and daily experiences.

My Art is like the grassroots movement and all themes lay bared on street and earth.

My artworks are sketched so I can even reuse or repaint them "20 years" later.
Creating needs solitude and concentration.

As a mother, I could not divide my attention, it would not be fair with my son.

My son is my first life work,  he is small.

Right now he is getting more and more independent
and I am hopeful to have more time for me.

Like today.

But today I just do nothing and relax.

Nowadays I created a recycled installation piece of "garbage" and soon start to color it.

The concept was coming from a simple world DROP, I saw a picture of a waterdrop and I promised to myself to Drop My Concepts in 2011. I still DO this, daily. 

Throwback 2011 

Smaller sketches of installation" Precious Water Drop" 2011